You would be most welcome to run with us at any time. We generally run off road during the light nights but we have to adjust to road running on dark nights.

On a Tuesday the first group sets off from Meltham Community Centre (Meltham Cricket ground) at 7:15, so if you could get to the centre a good 5 minutes before the start it will be fine. If you just mention to anyone it is your first time and they will look after you. Tuesday’s runs are about 1 to 1 ½ hours dependant on the route and the pace of the slowest runner – no one is ever left behind. The second group leave at 7:20 and if the number of runners dictate final group 7:25. The general idea is that we all finish at the same time. See how you go on in the first group and move up as you feel comfortable – no pressure.

On Thursday’s we set off at 6:15 from the Centre and are out for 1 hour. There is one group and generally we have a more relaxed outing.

Remember to bring some bright and reflective clothing for dusk / night runs so you can be seen as we do invariably end up running on roads with no pavements at night.

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