Parkrun Championship (2023)

The rules are simple:

  1. You must be a MAC running member (social members are not included)
  2. You must be registered on parkrun as Meltham AC

Points are just as simple:

  1. One point for each parkrun.
  2. Ten bonus points for volunteering five times.
  3. Five bonus points for Christmas, New Years day runs.
  4. One point for each letter plus ten in total if you can spell TOURISM from different parkruns.(Huddersfield begins with H for example).
  5. One bonus point for finishing in an even number of seconds.
  6. Up to 15 bonus points for any results ending in 23, running a event ending in 23, running on 23rd of the month, finish time ending in 23 or finishing any position ending in 23 (ie 23rd, 123rd, etc).

Club Championship Road & Trail Races (2023)

2023 Scoring:

5 bonus points for marshalling/volunteering at Cop Hill and/or Meltham club 10k (max 10 bonus points)
5 bonus points for participating in Calderdale relay and/or Joe Percy (max 10 bonus points)
5 bonus points for attending 15 or more club runs on Tues or Thurs (max 5 bonus points)
Each runner must complete minimum of 7 championship races with the best scoring 7 being counted at the
end of the season
Max points:
7 x 20 = 140 plus
25 bonus

Encourage participation in races:
• Cheaper races included
• Local races included to reduce travel cost and time
• Choice of distances
• Choice of trail/road
• Spread through the year
• Encourage participation in team events
• Encourage participation in volunteering/marshalling for club organised races
• Encourage participation in evening club runs
• Park run to be separate as has its own trophy
• Handicap to be separate as has its own trophy

Fell Races (2023)

Click here for 2023 Race Listing

After a beautiful morning above Todmorden at Hoofstones fell race below is the first fell championship table of 2023.

The next race in the championship is Windy Hill on Sunday 12th February. Windy Hill is more suitable for the novice fell runner than Hoofstones; navigation is more straightforward and all the route is on tracks or footpaths. See the link below for more information including entry details.

Team Championship 2023

Races to count:

  • Winter Handicap – 15/01 – 2.5 miles local
  • YVAA Honely Vets – 23/04 – 6 miles – trail
  • Marsden 10 – 11/06  – 10 miles trail            
  • Joe Percy – 14/06 – 10k road
  • Summer Handicap – 18th July – 4.5 miles local (Road Route)
  • Mytholmroyd 03/12 – 6 miles Fell

20 points to first male, 20 to first female and descending from there.  First 3 finishers from team tocount. Points to first over the line except the two Handicap races that use handicapped times.

Click here for 2023 Teams Championship Table

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