Parkrun Championship (2024)

The rules are simple:

You must be a paid up member of Meltham AC and signed up to ParkRun website as Meltham AC as your club (social members are not included)


2024 Parkrun General Table RulesRESULTS


2024 Parkrun Time Championship Rules. – RESULTS


2024 Parkrun Team Championship Rules.RESULTS


2024 Parkrun Age Graded Championship Rules.RESULTS



Club Championship Road & Trail Races (2024)


2024 Scoring:


5 bonus points for marshalling/volunteering at Cop Hill and/or Meltham club 10k (max 10 bonus points)
5 bonus points for participating in Calderdale relay and/or Joe Percy (max 10 bonus points)
Each runner must complete minimum of 7 championship races with the best scoring 7 being counted at the
end of the season
Max points:
7 x 20 = 140 plus
25 bonus

Anyone running a 10K at a longer run eligible for half points.


Encourage participation in races:
• Cheaper races included• Local races included to reduce travel cost and time
• Choice of distances
• Choice of trail/road
• Spread through the year
• Encourage participation in team events
• Encourage participation in volunteering/marshalling for club organised races
• Encourage participation in evening club runs
• Park run to be separate as has its own trophy
• Handicap to be separate as has its own trophy

Click here for 2024 Results

Fell Races (2024)





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