Parkrun Championship (2022)

The rules are simple:

  1. You must be a MAC running member (social members are not included)
  2. You must be registered on parkrun as Meltham AC

Points are just as simple:

  1. One point for each parkrun.
  2. Five bonus points for volunteering twice.
  3. Five bonus points for Christmas, New Years day runs.
  4. One point for each letter plus ten in total if you can spell PARKRUN from different parkruns (Huddersfield begins with H for example).
  5. Up to 15 bonus points for any results ending in 22, running on 22nd of the month, finish time ending in 22 or finishing any position ending in 22 (ie 22nd, 122nd, etc).

Club Championship Road & Trail Races (2022)

As a result of the January committee meeting and the lack of external races discussed. It was agreed that the format of this year’s championship gives us greater control in the face of cancellations and, more importantly, provides an opportunity for greater involvement by members. All the races will be organised by the club and will therefore be free to enter – some will take place on club nights and others on Sundays. Where possible we will endeavour to have some kind of social activity after the race.

The lack of external races on the championship does not prevent anyone from taking part in races. 

Handicap – there will be a handicap championship using the in-development Miller Athletics Formula (MAF). The new formula will revise runner’s times based on their individual MAF coefficient – see the examples in the table below:

Handicap TimeActual

We are currently in the process of fine-tuning the formula – as an American cockney might say “Jeff is doing the MAF” – therefore the first handicap tables won’t be out for a few weeks. 

Fell Races (2022)

Click here for 2022 Race Listing

Well, an absolute plethora of MAC runners (plus Andy Whitworth lurking on the moor) turned up to Castle Carr Half. It was good to see you all for a cracker of a fell race.

After today’s race Steve Randall has completed 8 races so has dropped his lowest scoring races in the championship and handicap tables. Any errors please let Giles know.

The next race on the championship is Leg it round Lathkill on 13th November. See post on Facebook nearer the date to organise lifts; if you don’t do Facebook send Giles an email if you want to share lifts.

Note that there are 2 start times and for the purposes of the MAC championship it doesn’t matter which start time you enter. So far 3 MAC runners have entered.

December’s race is Moors The Merrier which is the longest race of the year but still within the abilities of regular runners.

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